Opera browser


Custom Skins
Fast Forward and Rewind
Slide Show
Standards Support
Drag-and-Drop Function
Built-in Search Utility
Refuse Pop-ups
Mouse Gestures
Keyboard Shortcuts
Password Manager
Multiple User Accounts
Opera Voice
and much much more....


The Opera browser has been designed from the beginning with security and privacy in mind. Opera supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) versions 2 and 3, and Transport Layer Security (TLS).


Opera's mail client automatically categorizes and sorts e-mail messages, has an integrated spam filter, and supports POP3, IMAP, and ESMTP.


Spatial Navigation was first introduced in Opera's iTV business unit. Now Opera is bringing the same concept to everyone's desktop computer. By combining the SHIFT and arrow keys on the keyboard, users can easily move to links or any other navigational element on a page.


With Opera you can customize your browser with skins, buttons or panels, making surfing more fun than ever. You can even make your own browser and distribute it to friends, family, colleagues, or customers with the Opera Composer.

Opera Browser

  • FastForward and Rewind
  • Take Web Notes as you browse
  • Cookie manager
  • Built-in search
  • Mouse gestures
  • Opera Voice
Opera browser
The Opera web browser is user-friendly, secure, and exceptionally fast. The Opera browser uses less memory and less space on your hard drive than competing web browsers. It is also an extremely versatile web browser that includes a newsreader and a lot of unique features making you more productive on the Web.

The keyboard plays an integral role in surfing, which can make moving around the Web easy and fast. You can run multiple windows, even at start-up, and special features are included for users with disabilities. As an Opera user, you can choose the level of security that best fits your needs, blocking pop-ups, JavaScript, or cookies, if you so choose.

Opera has eliminated the ad banner and licensing fee in its Windows desktop browser. To learn more about the Opera browser....Click Here

Version : Opera 11
Licenses : Freeware (Windows desktop browser)
O/S : Windows / LINUX / MAC


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